Creative ideas for your own business – Check it now!


It is not easy (and cheap) to run your own restaurant, but who said that gastronomy is just great places or kebab kiosks? At the moment a real hit is the so-called food trucks, i.e. vehicles in which food and / or drinks are prepared and sold. It is an alternative to expensive restaurants and bistros, which creates a real sea of ​​possibilities! The range does not have to be wide, and the best thing is – paradoxically – the small space and hardware restrictions work in our favor: they generate lower costs and stimulate the imagination!

Not a food truck? Is it home production? If our baked goods, preserves, casseroles or other products spoil the palate, then it may be worth asking in local stores, cafes and restaurants if they already have their own supplier of small delicacies – with small, patient steps we can thus build a network of recipients.

Original clothing

Chain stores are a convenient way to equip a wardrobe, but there is a growing interest among customers in original clothes. Online boutiques run very well on the clothing market. We should immediately point out that we do not have to be professional fashion designers – we only need an aesthetic and dressmaker’s sense, which will agree on cooperation: performance and help in the selection of material.

At the beginning we can focus on one group of recipients and we do not have to limit ourselves to determining gender or age; it is known that parents love to dress their children, teenagers discover how much clothing means, women never have anything to wear, and men want something practical. Why not hit customers on the side of their style, interests or needs? Let’s think what will encourage students to spend pocket money on clothing? What wardrobe problems do wedding guests face? How to make life easier for busy entrepreneurs who need to look good but do not have time to shop?

Crafts not necessarily functional

Let’s take a walk around handicraft fairs – both real and virtual. Crafts are highly valued regardless of whether they are jewelry, interior design or gardens. If you have manual skills, it’s time to use them to earn and have fun! A wire vase, beads from sticks picked from the sea, ceramic cups without symmetry, a picture from colored cloths, a hanging ornament made of slides – our imagination is the only limit! We can produce utility, functional items (cutlery, benches, embroidered curtains), as well as beautiful, typically decorative trinkets (figurines, garden sculptures).

Perfect cleaning

Perfect cleaning

Not everyone, however, has culinary skills, fantasy or manual skills, but remember that there are people in the world who need help with completely everyday matters, e.g. cleaning. And although some people associate it with Ms. Jadzia in a handkerchief and a button-up apron, modern cleaning can include specific, specialized services.

Since the beaters disappear from the estates, it is not easy to clean the carpet. Cleaning the upholstery of furniture and in the car on your own does not bring such effects as solid washing. Not every housewife has the time and strength to clean windows etc. Amazing, where you can find a source of very nice income!